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Figure 8

From: The NAMPT inhibitor FK866 reverts the damage in spinal cord injury

Figure 8

Effects of FK866 on TUNEL-like staining in the perilesional spinal cord tissue. At 24 h after the trauma, SCI mice demonstrated a marked appearance of dark brown apoptotic cells and intercellular apoptotic fragments (b). In contrast, tissues obtained from mice treated with FK866 (c) no revealed apoptotic cells or fragments. The number of TUNEL positive cells/high-power field was counted in 5 to 10 fields for each coded slide. The count of TUNEL cells per field was made by an independent observer. This figure is representative of at least three experiments performed on different experimental days. wm, white matter; gm, gray matter. Values shown are mean ± S.E. mean of 10 mice for each group. *p < 0.01 vs sham, °p < 0.01 vs SCI + vehicle.

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