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Figure 4 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 4

From: The fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor URB597 exerts anti-inflammatory effects in hippocampus of aged rats and restores an age-related deficit in long-term potentiation

Figure 4

URB597 treatment attenuates the age-related decrease in LTP in dentate gyrus. (a) Delivery of a high frequency train of stimuli to the perforant path at time 0 induced an immediate and sustained increase in EPSP slope in control young rats and this effect was markedly decreased in control aged rats. Aged rats treated with URB597 sustained LTP in a manner similar to young animals. (b) The mean changes in EPSP slope in the 5 min immediately following tetanic stimulation revealed a significant age effect (F(1,8) = 16.73, ++P < 0.01; 2-way ANOVA; b) and analysis of the data in the last 5 min of recording indicated that there was a significant age x treatment interaction (F(1,8) = 444.1, ***P < 0.001; 2-way ANOVA; c).

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