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Table 2 Number and density of microglia in the forebrain

From: Quantitative assessment of microglial morphology and density reveals remarkable consistency in the distribution and morphology of cells within the healthy prefrontal cortex of the rat

Bregma (anterior-posterior) Single section count (cells) Density (cells/μm3)
+2.5 257.90 (7.28) 9.55 (0.27)
+2.7 244.60 (5.65) 9.06 (0.21)
+2.9 246.20 (4.87) 9.12 (0.18)
  1. Microglia were exhaustively counted within the prefrontal cortex at each Bregma level to yield counts within a single section. Densities were calculated for the volume between one Bregma level and the next. Values represent means (× standard error of the mean).