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Figure 7 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 7

From: Hydrogen sulfide-releasing cyclooxygenase inhibitor ATB-346 enhances motor function and reduces cortical lesion volume following traumatic brain injury in mice

Figure 7

Histological examination of brain sections after 24 hours. Brain sections from TBI mice and TBZ-treated mice (B and C respectively, see densitometry analysis F) demonstrated brain tissue injury and inflammatory cell infiltration. Naproxen treatment did not attenuate completely the development of acute brain injury at one and six hours after TBI (D, see densitometry analysis F). On the contrary, ATB-346 treatment reduced the degree of brain injury and the inflammatory cells infiltration (E, see densitometry analysis F). Figure is representative of at least three experiments performed on different experimental days. ###P <0.001 versus TBI.

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