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Figure 1

From: Antibodies to the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor type 1 (ITPR1) in cerebellar ataxia

Figure 1

Binding of patient IgG to the Purkinje cell (PC) dendrites (PCD) in the molecular layer (ML), to the PC somata in the PC layer (PCL), and to the PC axons (PCA) in the white matter (WM) on murine cerebellum tissue sections. The observed staining pattern (A) is similar to that observed with anti-Ca/ARHGAP26 (see reference [30]). Note that PC nuclei, interneurons, and granular cells are spared. Also note that the PCD (B and C) and the PCA (D and E) staining patterns can differ significantly depending on sectional planes. Axonal staining may not be detectable on all sections. GL, Granular cell layer.

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