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Figure 1 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 1

From: Retinal pericytes and cytomegalovirus infectivity: implications for HCMV-induced retinopathy and congenital ocular disease

Figure 1

Normal retinal pericyte expression markers. Immunofluorescent stained images of retinal pericytes of: (A) a confluent monolayer of retinal pericytes staining positive for fibronectin, and retinal pericytes staining positive for (B) vimentin, (C) CD68 and (D) NG2 proteogylcan. All images were taken on a Nikon TE2000S microscope mounted with a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera at a 200x magnification. 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) was used to stain the nuclei blue.

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