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Figure 6 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 6

From: Retinal pericytes and cytomegalovirus infectivity: implications for HCMV-induced retinopathy and congenital ocular disease

Figure 6

SBCMV induction of proinflammatory and angiogenic cytokines at 24 hours. Cytokine profiles of SBCMV-infected pericytes (only) by Luminex analysis at 24 hours post infection are given. Results from cells exposed to media only are shown as solid black bars, cells exposed to heat-killed SBCMV are shown as gray bars and results from cells exposed to the SBCMV clinical isolate are shown as stippled black bars. Results are included for (A) B2-m, (B) MMP3, (C) MMP9, (D) IL-6 (E) IL-8, (F) TIMP-1, and (G) RANTES. Results are given in pg/ml. Results shown are the averages of triplicate samples.

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