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Figure 5

From: Bone marrow-derived macrophages from aged rats are more responsive to inflammatory stimuli

Figure 5

Conditioned media derived from aged BMDMs induces glial activation. Neonatal mixed glial cultures were incubated in the presence of conditioned media from unstimulated BMDMs derived from young and aged rats (24 h). Conditioned media from BMDMs derived from aged animals induced the expression of NOS2 (A), CD40 (B), IP-10 (C) and ICAM-1 mRNA ((D); *** P < 0.001; ANOVA), whereas exposure to conditioned media from BMDMs of young rats had no effect. Values are presented as means (±SEM; n = 3) expressed as a ratio to β-actin mRNA. NOS2, nitric oxide synthase; CD40, cluster of differentiation 40; IP-10, interferon gamma-induced protein 10; ICAM-1, intracellular adhesion molecule 1; RQ, relative quantities.

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