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Figure 4

From: Attenuation of traumatic brain injury-induced cognitive impairment in mice by targeting increased cytokine levels with a small molecule experimental therapeutic

Figure 4

Effects of MW151 treatment on glia morphological activation. Mice were subjected to sham injury or CHI and administered veh control; injured mice were administered MW151 (5 mg/kg i.p.) at 3 h, 6 h, and once daily for 7 days p.i.. Brain tissue was prepared for IHC at 16 days p.i. and stained for microglia (IBA1, CD45) and astrocyte (GFAP) morphological activation. (A) Overview of regions of interest (ROIs) used for quantitative neuropathological analysis of glia activation using the Aperio ScanScope. Heatmap shows the effect of injury and MW151 treatment in five ROIs for IBA1 (B), CD45 (C), and GFAP (D) IHC. Treatment with MW151 reduced IBA1, CD45, and GFAP staining in the focus region of the cortex. There was little effect of MW151 treatment on glial staining in other areas of the brain. **P < 0.005 compared to sham mice. See also Table 2. Representative photomicrographs of IBA1 (E), CD45 (F), and GFAP (G) in the focus region of the neocortex show the robust glial morphological activation that occurs in response to the injury.

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