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Table 2 Meta-analysis of geno-phenotype correlation

From: Association of brain immune genes with social behavior of inbred mouse strains

Gene symbol Behavior (MPD #)
  Anxiety #118 Exploratory-locomotion #94 Fear conditioning #468 Brain morphology #108
C1qb    −0.95 (0.01)  
Cx3cl1    −0.97 (0.006) CC_0.89 (0.003)
Polr3b    −0.92 (0.0249)  
H2-d1   0.91 −0.95  
  (0.035) (0.014)
H2-k1 0.91 0.82  
(0.032) (0.013)  
Tnfsf13b     CC_ − 0.85 (0.008)
  1. Phenotypic correlation of some immune genes with male mice behaviors and brain morphology was analyzed in mouse phenome database (MPD) with the Pearson’s method. MPD registry number for each study used in the analysis is listed. Pearson’s r values for the most significant correlations are summarized. P values are in parentheses in the table. Evaluation criteria used are the following: anxiety, entries into closed arm of elevated plus maze; exploratory-locomotor activity, entries into the center of elevated plus maze and distance traveled in open field; fear conditioning, time spent (%) near chamber walls in a contextual/cued fear-conditioning chamber; brain morphology, corpus callosum (CC) length.