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Figure 6

From: Systemic inflammation in early neonatal mice induces transient and lasting neurodegenerative effects

Figure 6

Morphological changes in microglia following lipopolysaccharide (LPS) administration. (A) Representative confocal images of CX3CR1+ cell morphology from brain cryosections of C57BL/6 CX3CR1gfp/+ mice at days 1/3/5/7/9 post-lipopolysaccharide (LPS) administration are shown. (B,C) Using ImageJ software (NIH, USA), we performed Scholl analysis (>40 cells per animal) at days 1 and 9 post-LPS administration. Results are mean ± SEM from at least four animals. *P < 0.05 and **P < 0.01 vs. without (W/O) LPS; § P < 0.05 and §§ P < 0.01 vs. day 1 post-LPS.

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