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Fig. 1

From: Evidence for a distinct neuro-immune signature in rats that develop behavioural disability after nerve injury

Fig. 1

The duration of a dominance and b non-social behaviours during daily resident-intruder social interactions in sham controls or rats classified as having Pain alone, Pain and disability and Pain and transient disability six days after CCI (n = 16–24 per group). c The reduction in mechanical withdrawal threshold in the injured hind-paw, compared to the pre-CCI baseline, at two time-points (days 2–3 and days 4–5) after CCI. Statistically significant differences in social interactions are indicated by * P <0.05, ** P <0.01 and *** P <0.001, with black asterisk indicating differences between sham vs. Pain and disability, brown asterisk Pain alone vs. Pain and disability, pink asterisk indicating Pain alone vs. Pain and transient disability and blue asterisk indicating Pain and disability vs. Pain and transient disability. Significant differences in withdrawal threshold compared to shams are indicated by *P <0.05 and **P <0.01 for Pain and disability, # P <0.05 and ## P <0.01 for Pain alone, and ^^ P <0.01 for Pain and transient disability

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