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Fig. 1

From: Crosstalk between macrophages and astrocytes affects proliferation, reactive phenotype and inflammatory response, suggesting a role during reactive gliosis following spinal cord injury

Fig. 1

Macrophage response 7 days after contusive SCI. In sham surgical animals, low numbers of CD68+ cells are seen (ai). These cells do not express the M1 marker iNOS (b, c), although there is iNOS expression in CD68− cells. The M2 marker arginase-1 is widely expressed in CD68+ cells (fi). In contrast, following contusive injury, large number of macrophages is seen in the vicinity of the injury (jq). iNOS expression is widespread, in both CD68+ and CD68− cells (jm). As in the sham control, arginase is widely expressed (nq). r The total number of CD68+ cells per square millimetre of section increased significantly in SCI compared to sham. s Quantification of macrophage subtypes following injury shows a constant fraction of arginase-1+/CD68+ cells in both sham and impact groups, whereas there is significant increase in number of iNOS+/CD68+ cells

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