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Table 1 List and features of antibodies

From: Neuronal self-injury mediated by IL-1β and MMP-9 in a cerebral palsy model of severe neonatal encephalopathy induced by immune activation plus hypoxia-ischemia

Antibody Company—reference number Dilution
Anti-DIG-AP Roche—11093274910 1:3000
Anti-Albumin MP Biomedicals—55727 1:100
Anti-NeuN Millipore—MAB377 1:100
Anti-Iba-1 Abcam—ab15690 1:200
Anti-PMN Cedarlane—CLAD51140 1:200
Anti-iNOS SCBT—sc-49058 1:100
Anti-MCP-1 Chemicon—AB1834P 1:100
Anti-CINC-1 Abcam—ab10365 1:100
Anti-claudin-5 Abcam—ab53765 1:100
Anti-RIP-3 SBCT—sc-135170 1:30
Anti-caspase-3 Millipore—AB3623 1:20
Anti-IL-1β Serotec—AAR15G 1:250
Anti-MMP-9 Chemicon—AB19016 1:100
Anti-rabbit-HRP Serotec—STAR54 1:100
Anti-goat-HRP SCBT—sc-2350 1:100
Anti-rabbit-Alexa Fluor conjugated Invitrogen—A11012 1:500
Anti-mouse-Alexa Fluor conjugated Invitrogen—A11005 1:500
Anti-chicken-Alexa Fluor conjugated Invitrogen—A11039 1:500