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Fig. 2

From: Immunoglobulins stimulate cultured Schwann cell maturation and promote their potential to induce axonal outgrowth

Fig. 2

Schwann cells express the Fc gamma receptor CD64. On the surface of non-differentiating (non-diff.; ac) as well as differentiating Schwann cells (diff.; eg), CD64 protein expression was detected. Differentiation was induced by means of p57kip2 suppression, and modulated cells were visualized by means of citrine (green-fluorescent protein) expression. Cell nuclei were visualized by DAPI (blue). d Significant induction of rat Fcgr1a gene expression (CD64) under differentiation promoting conditions as determined by quantitative RT-PCR. Seven-day stimulation with 20 mg/ml dialysed IVIG (gray bars) in comparison to control buffer (ctrl; black bars) decreased significantly the expression of CD64 in non-differentiating Schwann cells, only (d). h Western blot analysis of differentiating and non-differentiating Schwann cells, stimulated with both IVIG and control buffer (ctrl) confirmed CD64 protein expression. Protein molecular weights are indicated in kDa (kilodalton). GAPDH expression was used for normalization. t test (ns, not significant, ***p < 0.001). Error bars represent SEM. Scale bar, 100 μm. n = 7 for ac, n = 6 for eg, n = 8 for d, n = 4 for h

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