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Table 5 Intraperitoneal challenge with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in knock-out mice

From: Systemic inflammation and microglial activation: systematic review of animal experiments

Study Knock out gene N Age Sex Type of LPS Dose Time of termination Microglial activation Compared to wild-type
Bhaskar [23] CX3CR1−/− U 2 m U U 10 mg/kg 1 d Yes* More*
Terrando [22] IL-1R−/− 4 12–14 w M E. coli (O111:B4) 1 mg/kg 1 d No Less*
        3 d No Less*
        1 w No Same*
Cardona [24] CX3CR1−/− U U U U 20 ug q.d. 2× 4 d Yes* More*
Chen [25] TLR4−/− 4 8–12 w M E. coli (O55:B5) 1 mg/kg q.d. 2× 4 d No* Less*
  1. Column time of termination is the time from the (first) LPS challenge. All challenges were intraperitoneal
  2. Abbreviations: U unkown, m months, d days, M male, w weeks, q.a.d every other day, N number of animals per group
  3. *Did not express data in statistical values, no statistical information