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Table 2 Study subjects for the assessment of IL-22 and IL-22 receptor in the brain

From: Interleukin-22 is increased in multiple sclerosis patients and targets astrocytes

Patient Gender Age at surgery (years) Type of surgery Neuropathology reported from autopsy Cause of surgery/death Postmortem time (hours) MS type Disease duration (years)
Lausanne cohort
L-C1 F 60 Biopsy Cerebellar softening
L-C2 M 31 Biopsy Epilepsy
L-C3 F 51 Biopsy Hematoma
L-C4 M 43 Biopsy Aneurysm
L-C5 M 41 Biopsy Hematoma
L-C6 n/a n/a Biopsy Polymorphic neuroectodermal tumor
L-C7 n/a n/a Biopsy Glioblastoma
L-C8 M 32 Biopsy Cavernoma
L-C9 F 53 Biopsy Epilepsy
L-C10 M 51 Biopsy Malformation
L-C11 M 39 Biopsy Epilepsy
Basel cohort
B-C1 M 75 Autopsy Many documented neuropathological findings Cerebrovascular accident, aspiration pneumonia 17
B-C2 M 64 Autopsy Occasional hypoxic neurons, perineuronal oedema, stasis of erythrocytes in vessels, many leukocyte infiltrates Cardiac failure 18
B-C3 M 84 Autopsy Fibrosis of vessel walls, mild WM gliosis, perivascular oedema Bladder cancer, pneumonia 5
B-C4 M 35 Autopsy Carcinoma of the tongue 22
B-C5 M 64 Autopsy Occasional hypoxic nerve cells, perineuronal oedema, fibrosis of the meninges Cardiac failure 18
B-C6 F 84 Autopsy Old cortical microinfarcts and acute global hypoxic changes. Senile changes are also present (amyloid deposits) Congestive cardiac failure, ischemic heart disease, atrial fibrillation 24
B-C7 F 60 Autopsy Brain with diffuse hypoxic changes Ovarian cancer 13
B-MS1 M 40 Autopsy No lesion, few leukocyte infiltrates Respiratory failure, sepsis, MS 10 SP-MS 9
B-MS2 F 78 Autopsy No lesion, some vessels with leukocyte infiltrates Metastatic carcinoma of bronchus 5 SP-MS 42
B-MS3 F 34 Autopsy Lesions in GM and WM, leukocytes around vessels Pneumonia 12 SP-MS n/a
B-MS4 F 49 Autopsy Lesions in WM, leukocytes infiltrates Bronchopneumonia, MS 7 SP-MS 21
B-MS5 M 44 Autopsy n/a Bronchopneumonia 16 SP-MS n/a
  1. M male, F female, C control, MS multiple sclerosis, B Basel, L Lausanne, GM gray matter, n/a not available, SP secondary progressive, WM white matter