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Fig. 8

From: Bee venom ameliorates lipopolysaccharide-induced memory loss by preventing NF-kappaB pathway

Fig. 8

The cultured astrocytes were incubated with anti-GFAP (green) and anti- Aβ1−42 (red) primary antibodies, and microglial BV-2 cells were incubated with anti-IBA-1 (green) and anti- Aβ1−42 (red) primary antibodies. Fluorescence was developed using Alexa 488-conjugated anti-mouse and goat and Alexa 568-conjugated anti-rabbit secondary antibodies (a) and (b). Values are presented as mean ± S.E. from three mice. # p < 0.05 compared to control, *p < 0.05 compared to LPS

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