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Table 1 Details of the cytokines measured in this study and whether they were secreted by the hCMVEC cultures

From: Pro-inflammatory TNFα and IL-1β differentially regulate the inflammatory phenotype of brain microvascular endothelial cells

CBA flex set Catalogue number Secreted by hCMVECsa
Human Basic FGF Flex Set 558327 Yes
Human CD106 (VCAM-1) Flex Set 560427 Yes
Human CD54 (ICAM-1) Flex Set 560269 Yes
Human CD62E (E-Selectin) Flex Set 560419 No
Human CD62P (P-Selectin) Flex Set 560426 No
Human Soluble CD121a (IL-1 RI) Flex Set 560276 No
Human CD121b (IL-1 RII) Flex Set 560281 No
Human Eotaxin Flex Set 558329 No
Human CD178 (Fas Ligand) Flex Set 558330 No
Human Fractalkine Flex Set 560265 No
Human Granzyme B Flex Set 560304 No
Human GCSF Flex Set 558326 Yes
Human GMCSF 558335 Yes
Human IFN-γ Flex Set 558269 No
Human IL-1β Flex Set 558279 No
Human IL-2 Flex Set 558270 No
Human IL-4 Flex Set 558272 No
Human IL-6 Flex Set 558276 Yes
Human IL-7 Flex Set 558334 No
Human IL-8 Flex Set 558277 Yes
Human IL-9 Flex Set 558333 No
Human IL-10 Flex Set 558274 No
Human IL-13 Flex Set 558450 No
Human IL-17A Flex Set 560383 No
Human IL-17 F Flex Set 562151 No
Human IL-12/IL-23p40 Flex Set 560154 No
Human IL-21 Flex Set 560358 No
Human I-TAC Flex Set 560364 No
Human IP-10 Flex Set 558280 Yes
Human MCP-1 Flex Set 558287 Yes
Human MIG Flex Set 558286 No
Human MIP-1α Flex Set 558325 No
Human MIP-1β Flex Set 558288 No
Human RANTES Flex Set 558324 Yes
Human Soluble TNFRI Flex Set 560156 Yes
Human Soluble TNFRII Flex Set 560155 Yes
Human TNFα Flex Set 558273 No
Human VEGF Flex Set 558336 Yes
  1. This panel comprises a list of chemokines, cytokines, soluble receptors and soluble adhesion molecules. The right-hand column summarises those cytokines that were secreted by the hCMVECs
  2. aUnder the conditions tested