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Table 3 Expression of cell-surface adhesion molecules by brain endothelial cells

From: Pro-inflammatory TNFα and IL-1β differentially regulate the inflammatory phenotype of brain microvascular endothelial cells

Molecules Other names Supporting literature Expressed by the hCMVECs
CD102 ICAM2 Flow-cytometry analysis using hCMEC/D3 cells [34] Yes
CD105 Endoglin Flow cytometry using BMVEC [35] Yes
CD106 VCAM1 RT-PCR using BMVEC [35] Yes; highly inducible
CD138 Syndecan 1 Rat brain and rat brain-derived endothelial cells [36] Yes
CD141 Thrombomodulin IHC using human brain tissue (not expressed) [37] Yes
Regional distribution in human brain [38]
CD144 VE-cadherin ICC using hCMEC/D3) [34], ICC using THBMEC [39] Yes
IHC using human brain tissue [40]
CD146 MCAM; S-endo-1; MUC-18 Flow cytometry using BMVEC [35] Yes
CD147 BSG   Yes
CD150 SLAMF1   No
CD304 Neuropilin-1 Functional assay using hCMEC/D3, and IHC-rat brain [41] Yes
CD31 PECAM1 Flow cytometry using hCMEC/D3 [34] Yes
Flow cytometry and RT-PCR using BMVEC [35]
Flow cytometry and ICC using HBMEC [42]
CD321 JAM1 ICC using hCMEC/D3[34], ICC using THBMEC [39] Yes
IHC on human brain microvessels [40]
CD325 Neural cadherin (NCAD)   Yes
CD34 HPCA-1 Flow cytometry using BMVEC [35] Yes
CD44 H-CAM, Pgp-1 Flow cytometry using hCMEC/D3 [34] Yes
CD49d Alpha 4 integrin THBMEC [39] Yes
CD50 ICAM3 Expressed by leukocytes but not detected on endothelial cells in human brain by IHC [43] Yes; low
CD54 ICAM1 Flow cytometry using hCMEC/D3 [34] Yes; highly inducible
CD62E E-selectin ELISA detection using HCEC [44] Yes; highly inducible
CD62L L-selectin Not expressed No
CD62P P-selectin IHC using human brain [45]; Yes; very low
IHC using human infarcted brain [46]
  1. hCMEC/D3 are immortalised human brain endothelial cell lines from adult females with epilepsy (not commercially available). BMVEC are human brain endothelial cells from foetal brain tissue. THBMEC are immortalised adult transfected human brain microvascular endothelial cells. HCEC are primary adult human cerebromicrovascular endothelial cells. HBMVE are primary human brain microvascular endothelia. HBMEC are human brain-derived microvascular endothelial cell (primary cells)
  2. The better known generic names for each adhesion molecule are detailed alongside the literature demonstrating expression or function of the given adhesion molecule in endothelial cells or in brain tissue. The final column summarises whether the adhesion molecule was expressed by the hCMVECs used in this study
  3. ICC immunocytochemistry, IHC immunohistochemistry