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Table 1 List of antibodies used for FACS analysis with their corresponding targets

From: Transcript analysis of laser capture microdissected white matter astrocytes and higher phenol sulfotransferase 1A1 expression during autoimmune neuroinflammation

Antibody Targets
Anti-CD45.2 Immune cells (high level) and microglia (intermediate level)
Anti-CD11b Granulocytes/neutrophiles, monocytes/macrophages, microglia
Anti-CD3 T cells (with anti-CD4 for CD4 T cells; with anti-CD8 for CD8 T cells)
Anti-B220 Cells of the B cell lineage
Anti-CD19 Cells of the B cell lineage (high level before plasma blast stage)
Anti-CD44 Memory/effector T cells
Anti-CD62L Naive (CD44) and central memory (CD44+) T cells
Anti-Ly6G Neutrophiles