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Fig. 4 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 4

From: ‘Medusa head ataxia’: the expanding spectrum of Purkinje cell antibodies in autoimmune cerebellar ataxia. Part 3: Anti-Yo/CDR2, anti-Nb/AP3B2, PCA-2, anti-Tr/DNER, other antibodies, diagnostic pitfalls, summary and outlook

Fig. 4

Binding of PCA-2-IgG from a patient with ACA to a formalin-fixed mouse cerebellum tissue section. Note the additional staining of the cytoplasm of cerebellar granular cells (so-called ‘chicken-wire pattern’). A FITC-labelled anti-human IgG secondary antibody was used to visualize bound patient IgG. Image modified from Vernino S and Lennon VA. New Purkinje cell antibody (PCA-2): marker of lung cancer-related neurological autoimmunity. Ann Neurol 2000, 47:297-305; © 2000 by the American Neurological Association; reprinted with kind permission from the publisher

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