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Fig. 2

From: NG2-proteoglycan-dependent contributions of oligodendrocyte progenitors and myeloid cells to myelin damage and repair

Fig. 2

Quantification of myelin damage and repair and myeloid cell recruitment from bone marrow. One week after surgery, MBP (green) and CD18 (blue) expression are shown in control mice injected with PBS (a; Sham-Cont), and in control mice (b; Cont-1W), OPC-NG2ko mice (c; O-cKO-1W), and My-NG2ko mice injected with lysolecithin (d; M-cKO-1W). To quantify the extent of myelin damage, CD18-associated MBP (cyan) is subtracted from total MBP to provide a value for axon-associated myelin. e MBP-positive volumes are evaluated in control, OPC-NG2ko mice, and My-NG2ko mice 1, 2, and 6 weeks after lysolecithin microinjection, respectively. One hundred percent myelination is defined by the level of MBP labeling in sham-operated control mice. Demyelination is reduced by myeloid-specific, but not by OPC-specific, NG2 ablation. On the other hand, remyelination is retarded in both lines of NG2-null animals. f Significantly reduced infiltration by CD18-positive immune cells is seen in My-NG2ko mice compared to control or OPC-NG2ko mice. Wild-type (WT) mice transplanted with EGFP-positive wild-type bone marrow (g) and germline NG2-null (KO) mice transplanted with germline NG2-null bone marrow (h) were used for lysolecithin injections. Lesions were examined at 1 week post-surgery for co-localization of EGFP (green) and F4/80 (red). The recruitment of F4/80+EGFP+ cells to lesions in WT-to-WT chimeras is more than fivefold greater than that seen in KO-to-KO transplants (j). The 8:1 ratio of F4/80+EGFP+ to F4/80+EGFP cells in WT-to-WT chimeras falls to 1:3 in KO-to-KO chimeras as a result of reduced macrophage recruitment from the circulation (i). Quantification (f) represents the percentage of MBP-positive volume occupied by CD18 labeling. Values represent means ± S.D. Statistically significant differences evaluated by ANOVA and t-test are indicated by * P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01; *** P < 0.001 when values were compared between controls and cell-type-specific (e, f) or germline (j) NG2-null mice at the same time point; b P < 0.01; c P < 0.001 indicate statistically significant differences within the same genotype at 1 and 6 weeks after lysolecithin injection. Scale bars represent 200 μm (a–d) and 50 μm (g, h)

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