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Fig. 3

From: NG2-proteoglycan-dependent contributions of oligodendrocyte progenitors and myeloid cells to myelin damage and repair

Fig. 3

Myelin phagocytosis by CD18-expressing myeloid cells. Double immunolabeling for CD18 (green) and MBP (red) was used to quantify myelin phagocytosis by bone-marrow-derived macrophages in culture (a–h, DAPI in blue). In contrast to myelin phagocytosis by wild-type (WT) macrophages (a–d), NG2-null (KO) macrophages (e–h) exhibit reduced myelin phagocytosis after 4 h of incubation. Panel (i) quantifies these results over an 8-h time period (means ± S.D.). Panels (j) and (k) show a similar analysis of CD18/MBP double labeling in vivo at 1-week post-lysolecithin injection. Quantification is shown for both total MBP pixel density (k) and MBP pixels/CD18+ cell (k). **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001. Scale bar indicates 100 μm for panels (a–h)

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