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Fig. 5

From: NG2-proteoglycan-dependent contributions of oligodendrocyte progenitors and myeloid cells to myelin damage and repair

Fig. 5

Proliferation of OPCs in lesions 1 week after lysolecithin microinjection. Larger numbers of proliferating BrdU-positive (green) PDGFRα-positive (blue, cell surface)/Olig2-positive (cyan, nucleus) OPCs (arrows) are seen in lesions in control mice (a, d; Cont-1W) than in lesions in OPC-NG2ko (b, e; O-cKO-1W) or My-NG2ko (c, f; M-cKO-1W) mice. The greatly reduced number of total BrdU-positive cells in M-cKO ( c) is due to significantly decreased numbers of macrophages/microglial cells. Scale bars are 160 μm (a–c) and 24 μm (d–f)

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