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Fig. 6

From: NG2-proteoglycan-dependent contributions of oligodendrocyte progenitors and myeloid cells to myelin damage and repair

Fig. 6

Regeneration of myelin. Six weeks after lysolecithin microinjection, fewer APC-positive cells are seen in lesions in OPC-NG2ko (b; O-cKO-6W) and My-NG2ko (c; M-cKO-6W) mice than in lesions in control (a; Cont-6W) animals. Also, reduced association of MBP-positive myelin (green) with pan-neurofilament-positive axons (NF, blue, arrows) is detected in the central region of lesions in OPC-NG2ko (e) and My-NG2ko (f) animals compared to lesions in control mice (d). In semi-thin sections, fewer well-myelinated fibers detected by toluidine blue staining (TB; arrowheads) are seen in lesions of OPC-NG2ko (h) and My-NG2ko (i) mice than in control (g) animals. Increased examples of poorly myelinated axons with thin, irregular myelin sheaths (asterisks) are detected in OPC-NG2ko and My-NG2ko mice relative to control animals. Scale bars indicate 20 μm (a–c), 30 μm (d–f), and 10 μm (g–i)

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