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Fig. 6

From: Inhibition of NOX2 reduces locomotor impairment, inflammation, and oxidative stress after spinal cord injury

Fig. 6

Acute NOX2 inhibition specifically targets microglia. Flow cytometry was used to analyze macrophage and microglia populations in the injured region. Live cells were first gated on and further differentiated based on CD11b+ and CD45+. CD45 high, macrophages, and CD45 low, microglia, were arbitrarily chosen by a researcher blinded to study (a). Quantitation demonstrated no significant difference in macrophages at 7 days post-injury between scrambled ds-tat- and gp91ds-tat-treated tissue. Microglia, on the other hand, showed a significant decrease in tissue treated with gp91ds-tat compared to scrambled ds-tat (b). *p < 0.05 vs scrambled ds-tat, Student’s t test. Bars represent mean ± SEM

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