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Table 1 Summary of group nomenclature and N values

From: Early pro-inflammatory cytokine elevations in the DBA/2J mouse model of glaucoma

Strain Age Group nomenclature Mice per group (N) Projections analyzed (n)
D2G 3–5 months D2Ga 4 8
D2G 12–15 months 4 6
DBA/2J 3–5 months D3–5 5 10
DBA/2J 8–10 months D8–10 6 12
DBA/2J 12–15 months D12–15 5 10
  1. aYoung and old D2G mice were combined into a single control group in order to simplify results when possible; independent samples t tests indicated that young and old D2G mice showed few differences in their cytokines levels. When detected, differences were described within the results section using G3–5 and G12–15 (referring to young and old D2G mice, respectively)