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Fig. 1

From: Ccr2 deletion dissociates cavity size and tau pathology after mild traumatic brain injury

Fig. 1

Modulation of the inflammatory reaction at 3 days after LFPI in CCR2 and CX3CR1 transgenic mice. Control Ccr2 RFP/+;Cx3cr1 GFP/+ (a), Ccr2 RFP/RFP (b), and Cx3cr1 GFP/GFP (c) mice were subjected to surgery (craniotomy; Sham mice) or mild injury, and brains were collected 3 days later. Serial sections were stained for GFP (a, b (Mild), and c) or Iba1 (b (Surgery)) to visualize microglia or RFP to visualize infiltrating bone marrow-derived monocytes (BMDM). Inflammatory cells are mostly restricted to the site of injury. Scale bar on images with whole slices, 1 cm. The brightness on the images was adjusted to allow an easier distinction of the brain sections from the background; all sections in a series were adjusted to the same brightness level. Magnified images show a close up view of microglial and monocyte distribution around the cavity size. Note the reduced number of RFP+ cells in Ccr2 RFP/RFP mice. Scale bar for magnified images, 100 μm

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