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Table 1 The results of voxel-wise comparisons. The results of voxel-wise comparisons between the WT and 3xTg datasets (A), the 3xTg and 3xTg+donepezil datasets (B), and the 3xTg and 3xTg+bvPLA2 1 mg datasets (C)

From: Neuroprotective effects of bee venom phospholipase A2 in the 3xTg AD mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Group Brain area Coordinates (x, y, z) Cluster size Z value
A Diencephalon (−1, 3, −2) 16940 2.62
B Cortex (0, 1, −3) 2388 1.82
C Diencephalon (−2, 3, 0) 3359 2.15