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Table 1 Composition of nPM

From: Urban traffic-derived nanoparticulate matter reduces neurite outgrowth via TNFα in vitro

  Ambient nPM (%) Eluted nPM (%) % ambient in eluted nPM
Black carbon 13 1 7
Organic carbon, water soluble 32 34 100
Organic carbon, water insoluble    
 Hopanes-steranes 0.012 0.001 8.5
 Organic acids 0.097 0.009 9
 Polyaromatic hydrocarbons 0.02 Not detected 0
Metals (Cu, Fe, Ni, V)    >90
  1. Content of black carbon, water-soluble and water-insoluble organic carbons, and metals in ambient nPM compared with eluted filter-trapped nPM. Percent recovery of ambient nPM in eluted samples was calculated to show efficiency of transfer. Data derived from [10]