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Fig. 2

From: HSP60 plays a regulatory role in IL-1β-induced microglial inflammation via TLR4-p38 MAPK axis

Fig. 2

Proteomic analysis of control and IL-1β-treated N9 microglial cell lysates at different time points. a Equal amount of total protein from control and IL-1β-treated N9 cells (3, 6, and 12 h) were separated on an immobilized linear pH gradient IPG strips (4.0–7.0) and then by second dimension on 10 % SDS-PAGE. Spots showing differential expression were marked and excised and identified by MALDI TOF/MS and database searches. The spots were labeled on the gel according to the numbers presented in Additional file 1: Table S1. b Bar diagrams represent relative fold changes in differentially expressed proteins in IL-1β-treated N9 microglial cells with respect to control. Total 21 spots were taken. Spot intensities were normalized by total valid spot intensities and mean of values from duplicate analytical gels from four biological replicates and were subjected to paired t test analysis. Protein spots showing altered expression between control and experimental groups (|ratio| > = 1.5, p ≤ 0.05) were marked and excised. *p < 0.05. Data represented are means ± SD of four independent experiments

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