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Fig. 7

From: Suppression of LPS-induced tau hyperphosphorylation by serum amyloid A

Fig. 7

IL-10 is required for SAA-induced reduction of tau phosphorylation. a Quantification of real-time PCR for IL-10 transcripts from the hippocampi of WT and Saa3 −/− mice receiving LPS (15 mg/kg, 24 h) or saline (control). Plotted is the relative mRNA expression calculated as 2-ΔΔCT method and normalized to controls. b The transcript of IL-10 detected by real-time PCR in brain extracts of hippocampus 48 h after hippocampal injection of mice with SAA (20 μg in 8 μl) or equal volume of normal saline. c The level of IL-10 protein in the CM of primary microglia receiving SAA (0.5 μM) or PBS, using the stimulation scheme described in Fig. 6b. d Effect of neutralizing antibody for IL-10 on tau phosphorylation at T205 and S396 after incubation with CM from SAA-stimulated primary microglia (CM-S). Primary cultures of neurons were stimulated with 50 % CM-S (+) or control (without SAA stimulation, CM-C) for 12 h. The IL-10 neutralizing antibody (25 μg/ml) was added to CM-S 30 min before application to primary cultures of neurons. The level of tau phosphorylation at T205 and S396 was determined by Western blotting using specific anti-phospho-tau antibodies. β-actin was a loading control. e Quantification of the levels of tau phosphorylation was conducted using densitometry. The results are shown in bar graph as mean ± SEM, based on three independent experiments. *p < 0.05 compared with CM-C stimulated samples; # p < 0.05 compared with CM-S stimulated samples without neutralizing antibody

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