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Fig. 6

From: Brain radiation injury leads to a dose- and time-dependent recruitment of peripheral myeloid cells that depends on CCR2 signaling

Fig. 6

Stereologic quantification of hippocampal myeloid cells in 0 and 45 Gy brain-irradiated, eGFP+ chimera mice at 6 months post-irradiation. a Sections from eGFP chimeras at 6 months following 0 or 45 Gy brain radiation were stained for Iba-1 and counterstained for methyl green (Vector Laboratories). Scale bars: 100 μm; inset, 20 μm. b Graphical representation of the total number of Iba-1+ cells in the hippocampi of 0 and 45 Gy brain-irradiated chimeras. The average numbers of cells were compared using a two-tailed t test. Graph bars represent mean ± SEM, n = 6 mice per condition

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