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Fig. 1

From: Sustained TNF production by central nervous system infiltrating macrophages promotes progressive autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Fig. 1

TNF is primarily produced by Iba1+ cells during EAE. a Confocal Z-stack images showing TNF in white matter of spinal cords from WT and GFAP∆R1γ during acute and chronic EAE. Magnification ×100. Bar graph depicts TNF+ area calculated as an average of three fields per group. b TNF mRNA expression in FACS sorted astrocytes and microglia from GFAP-GFP/GFAP∆R1γ during acute (d19 p.i.) and chronic EAE (d30 p.i.). c Confocal Z-stack images (magnification ×100) with orthogonal views illustrating TNF co-staining with Iba1 in spinal cord white matter from WT and GFAP∆R1γ during acute and chronic EAE. Data are representative of three mice per group. P values determined by Student’s t test

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