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Fig. 4 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 4

From: A novel antagonist of p75NTR reduces peripheral expansion and CNS trafficking of pro-inflammatory monocytes and spares function after traumatic brain injury

Fig. 4

EVT901 treatment reduced the recruitment of Ly6Cint-high monocytes into the injured brain at 1 and 6 weeks after TBI. The injured hemisphere was dissected and homogenized. Single cells were obtained using percoll gradients and then stained with Abs against CD45, CD11b+, and Ly6C. ac TBI significantly increased the absolute number of Ly6Cint-high inflammatory monocytes in the injured brain, while EVT901 treatment reduced the number. Two-way ANOVA revealed significant main effects of treatment (F 3,36 = 6.19, p = 0.002, η 2 = 0.4, power = 0.94) and time (F 1,3 = 5.10, p < 0.032, η 2 = 0.15, power = 0.59). Tukey’s post hoc tests showed that TBI significantly increased CD45highCD11b + Ly6Cint-high inflammatory monocytes in the injured brain at both 1 and 6 weeks after TBI, while EVT901 treatment reduced the number in the injured brain, *p < 0.05. (n = 3–4 for sham and n = 5–7 for TBI)

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