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Fig. 5

From: Aquaporin 11, a regulator of water efflux at retinal Müller glial cell surface decreases concomitant with immune-mediated gliosis

Fig. 5

Blockage of AQP11 prevents shrinking of cells in hypertonic environment, scale bars = 20 μm. Primary native retinal Müller glial cells (a) were incubated in different osmotic stress conditions (b hyperglycemia, c hypotonia, d hypertonia) and initiated cell volume regulation. eg Respective osmotic stress condition of cell above, but with inhibition of AQP11 channel through preincubation with AQP11 antibody. Only shrinkage under extracellular hypertonia (d, g) was inhibited with anti-AQP11 antibody preincubation (eg). Staining of cells: H&E

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