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Fig. 7

From: Retinal glial responses to optic nerve crush are attenuated in Bax-deficient mice and modulated by purinergic signaling pathways

Fig. 7

Müller cell upregulation of GFAP is absent after crush in Bax −/− mice. The expression of GFAP protein (green label) was also evaluated in retinal sections from wild-type and Bax −/− mice after crush. ad Astrocytes expressed a baseline level of GFAP in the retinas of wild-type mice, and by 7 days after crush, there was a dramatic increase in GFAP labeling in the ganglion cell layer (GCL), as well as through the retinal layers, indicative of Müller cell activation. Müller cells continued to express GFAP at 14 and 21 days, although expression levels appeared to decline at the latter time point. eh While retinas of Bax −/− mice also expressed GFAP in the astrocytes of control eyes, after crush, there was no upregulation of GFAP in the GCL, or through the retinal layers. Inner nuclear layer (INL), outer nuclear layer (ONL). DAPI nuclear counterstain (blue label). Scale bar 50 μm. For each genotype at each time point, n ≥ 3

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