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Fig. 2

From: Sildenafil, a cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor, induces microglial modulation after focal ischemia in the neonatal mouse brain

Fig. 2

Effect of sildenafil citrate on the cortical infarct volumes and tissue loss measured 72 h and 8 days after pMCAo, respectively. Sildenafil citrate was given after pMCAo by a single intraperitoneal injection either with PBS or 0.5, 2.5, 10, and 15 mg/kg sildenafil. a Cortical lesion at 72 h. b Tissue loss at 8 days. Horizontal bar represents the mean. Note that the 15 mg/kg dose is toxic by increasing the infarct volume. Each dot represents one animal. Data were assessed via an ANOVA, and when significant the results of the Newman-Keuls post-test are shown, ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001 sildenafil dose vs PBS

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