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Table 1 TaqMan probe details (Life Technologies) used for qr-PCR

From: Early life overfeeding impairs spatial memory performance by reducing microglial sensitivity to learning

Target gene NCBI reference sequence TaqMan assay ID Product size
Bdnf NM_001270630.1 Rn02531967_s1 142
Il10 NM_012854.2 Rn01483988_g1 105
Il1β NM_031512.2 Rn00580432_m1 74
Il1rn (I1lra) NM_022194.2 Rn02586400_m1 77
Il6 NM_012589.2 Rn01410330_m1 121
Nfkb1 NM_001276711.1 Rn01399583_m1 63
Tlr4 NM_019178.1 Rn00569848_m1 127
Tnfα NM_012675.3 Rn01525859_g1 92
18 s X03205.1 4319413E 187