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Table 1 Summary of multiple sclerosis and control groups used for quantitative analysis

From: Complement is activated in progressive multiple sclerosis cortical grey matter lesions

Cohort Status (n) Gender Age at death Disease duration PMD
Multiple sclerosis 18 SPMS 9M:13F 50 years (38–66) 25 years (10–39) 17 h (9–26)
Inflammatory Ctrls 4 viral encephalitis 6M:2F 37 years (17–65) n/a 36 h (24–72)
4 ischaemia
Non-neurological Ctrls 15 controls 9M:6F 67 years (35–88) n/a 24 h (5–48)
  1. Inflammatory controls are non-MS neurological controls characterised by neuroinflammation and gliosis. Group values showed as median (data range). See (Additional file 1: Table S1) for individual case details including cause of death, disease activity at death and sampled blocks
  2. Ctrls controls, disease duration determined retrospectively from time of first symptom onset to death, F female, M male, PMD post-mortem delay, PPMS primary progressive MS, SPMS secondary progressive MS, n/a not applicable