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Fig. 5 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 5

From: Post-paralysis tyrosine kinase inhibition with masitinib abrogates neuroinflammation and slows disease progression in inherited amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Fig. 5

Masitinib treatment after paralysis onset increased survival of SOD1G93A transgenic rats. a Kaplan-Meier survival curves from masitinib-treated and vehicle-treated SOD1G93A rats. SOD1 G93A transgenic rats were treated with masitinib (30 mg/kg/day) or vehicle (water, n = 29, blue line) immediately after observation of paralysis onset of one limb (day 1; n = 14, red line) or starting 7 days after paralysis onset (day 7, n = 9, green line). There was a statistically significant difference in the probability of survival for both masitinib-treated groups when compared with vehicle-treated group, according to the log-rank test of the Kaplan-Meier analysis (p < 0.0006 for masitinib—gait onset vs. vehicle and p < 0.00025 for masitinib—7 days onset vs. vehicle). b The graph shows the mean survival of the three different groups. All data are expressed as mean ± SEM. p < 0.01 was considered significant

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