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Fig. 7

From: Assessment of neuroinflammation in a mouse model of obesity and β-amyloidosis using PET

Fig. 7

Association between functional performance in anxiety and learning and memory tasks and 18F-FDG and 11C-PBR-28 PET signals. a Aβ infusion and obesity increased anxiety-related behavior in the elevated plus maze. b A trend towards impaired learning and memory performance in Aβ-infused obese mice approached significance in the object recognition task. c Hippocampal 18F-FDG signals significantly negatively correlated with learning and memory performance in the object recognition task. d No significant correlation between hippocampal 11C-PBR-28 signals and learning and memory performance was observed, although both 18F-FDG and 11C-PBR-28 were significant predictors of learning and memory performance as assessed by multiple regression analysis. p < 0.05

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