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Table 1 Infection status, treatment regime, and clinical status at time of death and necropsy of the macaques used

From: Loss of cerebellar neurons in the progression of lentiviral disease: effects of CNS-permeant antiretroviral therapy

Group Monkey number SIV deltaB670 inoculation AIDSa ARTb
Control 44 No No No
50 No No No
69 No No No
87 No No No
88 No No No
SIV/-AIDS 75 Yes No No
80 Yes No No
85 Yes No No
92 Yes No No
93 Yes No No
SIV/+AIDS 71 Yes Yes No
74 Yes Yes No
78 Yes Yes No
79 Yes Yes No
82 Yes Yes No
86 Yes Yes No
SIV/+AIDS/+6-Cl-ddG 70 Yes Yes Yes
72 Yes Yes Yes
73 Yes Yes Yes
76 Yes Yes Yes
77 Yes Yes Yes
83 Yes Yes Yes
89 Yes Yes Yesc
91 Yes Yes Yes
  1. aClinical manifestation of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  2. bAdministration of 2,3-ddl (10 mg/kg s. c. daily) for 3 weeks, following 6-Cl-ddG (75 mg/kg s. c. daily) for 6 weeks
  3. cSole administration of 6-Cl-ddG (75 mg/kg s. c. daily) for 3 weeks