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Fig. 4

From: Nogo receptor complex expression dynamics in the inflammatory foci of central nervous system experimental autoimmune demyelination

Fig. 4

Protein expression of NgR and coreceptors (NgR complex) in the different phases of EAE. Double-fluorescent images indicating the expression of NgR, LINGO-1, p75, and TROY in serial spinal cord sections in controls (AC), in the acute phase (DF), and the chronic phase (GI), respectively. Inserts represent magnified areas (dashed rectangles) where the highest expression of the molecules was found. A1C2 shows the neuronal expression of NgR and LINGO-1 to the motor neurons of the gray matter, and there is negligible expression of p75 and TROY. D1F2 shows the macrophage expression of NgR, LINGO-1, and TROY around the inflammatory infiltrates of the white matter, and there is the complete absence of p75. G1I2 shows the axonal expression of NgR, LINGO-1, and p75, which was present in DAPI-negative structures, while there is negligible expression of TROY in the residual inflammatory infiltrates. The arrow in F2 represents enlarged TROY+ cell insert. J LINGO-1, p75, and TROY % levels with their subcellular façade in different phases of EAE. Scale = 100 μm

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