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Fig. 12

From: WWL70 attenuates PGE2 production derived from 2-arachidonoylglycerol in microglia by ABHD6-independent mechanism

Fig. 12

Potential actions of WWL70 on PGE2 and PGE2-G production in microglia. 2-AG is mainly metabolized to arachidonic acid, which in turn converts to PGE2 by catalysis of COX-1/2 and mPGESs. WWL70 inhibits ABHD6 thereby increasing the levels of 2-AG and reduces the production of PGE2 by inhibiting PGE2 synthetic enzymes. 2-AG can also be oxygenated by COX-2 and then converted to PGE2 glycerol ester by mPGESs, which is also inhibited by WWL70

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