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Fig. 7

From: Zika virus infection of cellular components of the blood-retinal barriers: implications for viral associated congenital ocular disease

Fig. 7

ZIKV blood-retinal barrier infection model. A hypothetical model of ZIKV infection and dissemination from inner and outer blood-retinal barriers into the retinal bed. ZIKV is shown as blue dots. ZIKV infects and disseminates from the retinal endothelial cells and retinal pericytes of the IBRB and the retinal pigmented epithelial cells of the OBRB. The blue arrow indicates the retinal endothelial cells; the red arrow shows the retinal pericytes in the IBRB; and the retinal pigmented epithelial cells in the OBRB are shown by the green arrow. ILM internal limiting membrane, MLM middle limiting membrane, RPE retinal pigmented epithelial cells

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