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Fig. 2

From: The Alzheimer’s disease risk factors apolipoprotein E and TREM2 are linked in a receptor signaling pathway

Fig. 2

Dose-dependent ApoE ε3-induced signal transduction in BWZ reporter cells expressing human TREM2. A dose-dependent stimulation of signal transduction in BWZ-hTREM2 cells was observed when cells were incubated in wells coated with an increasing concentration of recombinant ApoE ε3. Stimulation of BWZ-hTREM2 cells was compared to stimulation of BWZ cells instead transfected with TIM2 (BWZ-TIM2). All cells were stimulated with PMA (3.3 nM). As a positive control of BWZ-hTREM2 stimulation, cells were incubated with a rat anti-TREM2 antibody (“α-T2”) in solution in wells coated with an anti-rat antibody. As a positive control for TIM2 stimulation, a rat anti-TIM2 antibody (“α-TIM2”) was used in conjunction with coating wells with anti-rat antibody similarly as for the BWZ-hTREM2 cells. Negative controls for both cell lines included cells stimulated only with PMA (“PMA only”), or cells growing in anti-rat coated wells (“coating only”). The columns depict mean ± SEM, and reflect data from three individual experiments with triplicates

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