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Fig. 2 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 2

From: Evidence for an early innate immune response in the motor cortex of ALS

Fig. 2

Generation of MCP1-CCR2-hSOD1G93A triple transgenic mice. a BAC clone was modified by mRFP gene insertion in place of the MCP1 start codon (transcription reporter) and eGFP insertion in place of the CCR2 stop codon (protein reporter). MCP1-CCR2-hSOD1G93A triple transgenic mice were generated upon multiple crosses between the MCP1-CCR2 mice and hSOD1G93A mice. b, c MCP1+ and CCR2+ cells express eGFP and mRFP and can be visualized in vivo. d MCP1-CCR2-WT mice retain their health, while e MCP1-CCR2-hSOD1G93A mice recapitulate ALS disease model as reported in the hSOD1G93A mice. Scale bar = 20 μm

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