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Fig. 6

From: Sac-1004, a vascular leakage blocker, reduces cerebral ischemia—reperfusion injury by suppressing blood–brain barrier disruption and inflammation

Fig. 6

Sac-1004 attenuates expression of adhesion molecules after I/R. a, c Immunofluorescence staining for ICAM-1 and VCAM-1 in the ischemic cortex of the sham, vehicle-ischemia, and Sac-1004-ischemia groups 3 h after I/R. Merged images of ICAM-1 or VCAM-1 and DAPI staining are also shown. Scale bar = 50 μm. b, d Quantification was done using Image J. (n = 5 per group; ** P < 0.01 and *** P < 0.001 vs sham group, ## P < 0.01 vs vehicle-ischemia group). The bars indicate the means ± SEM

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